Annapolis Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

For any business facility with hardwood floors in the Annapolis area, you understand how much of a cost and investment it is to have hardwood flooring within your property. Hardwood can drastically improve the image of any office or facility, and to maintain the value of your costly investment, you’ll want to provide extra care and attention when it comes to maintaining hardwood. With the help of ServiceMaster Chesapeake, the Annapolis hard floor care experts, we have some helpful advice and tips you can use to apply to your floors to ensure their longevity and avoid damages.

  • Avoid Strong Chemical Agents.
    When you use strong chemical cleaners, you risk having your floors stripped, discolored, and damaged. Instead opt for a natural, eco-friendly hardwood floor cleaner or find a recipe to create your own cleaning solution using everyday household items, such as lemons, vinegar, olive oil, and more.
  • Soft-Bristled Brushes and Cloths.
    Never use a vacuum to clean your hardwood flooring. When you use a vacuum you can cause several scuffs and scratches due to the hard bristles of the beater bar. Instead opt to use a soft-bristled brush, broom, or even a soft cloth. These will dramatically lessen the chances of damaging your floors and may be able to catch and collect more dust or dirt.
  • Use Rugs and Floor Mats.
    In areas that have high levels of foot traffic, such as entryways, lobbies, and hallways, utilize rugs and floor mats. Rugs and mats can do wonders in protecting your hardwood floors, as they will collect large amounts of dirt and dust, prevent scuffs and scratches, and prevent shoes from coming into direct contact with the floors. All that is needed is to vacuum your rugs and mats on a daily or routine basis.
  • Use a Damp Mop.
    If you use a mop to clean your hardwood floors, make sure that it is damp and not completely dry or excessively wet. If it is completely dry, you can risk scratching the floor with stiff threads or stuck debris. But if it is too wet, the floors can absorb the excess water, causing the hardwood to swell or warp. When mopping, be sure that it is damp and any liquid on the floors can dry within minutes.

With our advice, we hope we’ve informed you of some important methods you can utilize when cleaning your hardwood floors. But if you’re in the Annapolis area and need hard floor cleaning, janitorial services, carpet cleaning, and many other commercial cleaning services, you can always rely on ServiceMaster Chesapeake. We’re the local expert for all of your commercial cleaning needs.