Anne Arundel County Educational Cleaning

Cleaning a school institution is quite different than your general office or public venue, simply because kids are much messier and are more prone to collecting and spreading germs amongst one another.  More importantly, young children haven’t had enough time to build a solid immune system to combat most ailments like adults, that is why it is crucially important for school and educational institutions must be properly maintained.

Below are some areas of the most common trouble spots in a school that can harbor hoards of bacteria or germs that can be easily missed:

School lockers are perfect breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria, as drinks and food can often be left behind. To avoid directly opening students lockers, school janitors should attempt to spray a disinfectant agent through the locker vents in order to help keep lockers sterilized and keep bacteria growth at bay.

Undersides of Desks
Undersides of desks can also be a perfect breeding ground for viruses and bacteria to develop. Because many times children may use the underside of a desk to wipe their hands, to hide gum or food, and may kick mud or dirt onto the underside of the desk. When children are switching desks or if they are shared desks between classes, several germs can be transferred from one child to another.

Water Fountains
Water fountains shared by several children and adults. Water fountains have been proven to be the most germ-infested areas in schools due to high amount of users, some are installed outdoors where dirt and dust can easily enter pipes, and the moisture and water allow the bacteria to cultivate in a friendly environment.

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