Benefits of the Use of Green Cleaning Products in an Office Environment

Green cleaning is continually becoming a larger trend in commercial facilities and there’s a good reason for it. As commercial cleaning service providers slowly pushes away from the DDT-HFCS-BPA era of chemically ‘enhanced’ products that turned out to be horrible for our long-term health, we’re rediscovering principles that it seems our forefathers knew centuries ago and we forgot.

When you engage in non-green cleaning practices, the chemicals that are used to clean your space are considered to be dangerous to eat, drink, touch, or inhale. Keeping volatile organic compounds (VOCs) out of your kitchen, off of your desk, and generally away from your entire work environment is a good idea.

Green cleaning supplies are made of environmentally safe organic compounds, and have a lifespan and will expire, just like food. Green cleaning products work with biological systems instead of against them, and like biological systems, they can and do degrade.  This is great, because it means that you don’t have to worry about long-term buildup of chemical residues in your workspace.

Cleaning crews don’t judge you when they clean your space over the weekend, but they do judge themselves constantly. Every green cleaning crew in Annapolis takes pride in the job they do when they clean your office, and we expect to provide the best quality cleaning service that is available.