Eastern Carpet Cleaning Services

Caring and maintenance of the carpeting in a commercial environment is quite different than and ordinary residential carpet, as the carpets are created to be sturdier in order to high volumes of foot traffic and are generally shallower in length. For thoroughly clean carpets, you should consider hiring an Eastern Shore carpet cleaning expert such as ServiceMaster Chesapeake. As we will have all the equipment, training, and supplies to provide a high quality results you can be proud of.

Below is a glimpse into our carpet cleaning process and how we’re able to provide high quality carpet cleaning services in the Eastern Shore, MD area:

Pre-application of shampoo: ServiceMaster Chesapeake doesn’t only rely on specially designed shampoos for carpeting, but we also use a proven method of applying the shampoo before the actual scrubbing and cleaning of the carpets. The pre-application of shampoo allows the shampoo to work deep into the fibers of the carpet loosening and breaking down stains and tough dirt.

Proper water temperature: In our carpet cleaning process we also use water that has been regulated to a certain temperature in order to activate the ingredients within the shampoo to help boost its performance to breakdown dirt, stains, and grime even further.

Rinsing the carpeting: A carpet cleaning service is not completed until the carpets have been thoroughly rinsed and extracted with clean water. This step is crucial to the carpet cleaning process, as it ensures that leftover shampoo residue and loose dirt particles are thoroughly removed to restore colors and provide a soft texture.

At ServiceMaster Chesapeake, we have been serving the businesses of all kinds in the Eastern Shore and Anne Arundel County area since 1991. Our team has all the skills and equipment required when it comes to providing excellent carpet cleaning  services in the Eastern Shore area. For more information about our services, please feel free to contact us today.