Eastern Shore Office Cleaning Tips

Nobody likes coming to work if your place of business is in disarray or neglected in terms of cleanliness. On the other hand, an unclean office can lead to all kinds of problems from hindering employee morale to an increase in employee sick days, to displaying a poor business image with your customers and clients.

It is highly recommended that you contract with one of the Eastern Shore office cleaning services in the area to ensure that your office is well maintained and clean. However, there are also some things you and your employees can do between cleanings to ensure the upkeep of your offices. Here are 3 of them:

1. Make cleaning an office-wide habit: It is important to communicate to your employees that office upkeep is not just the responsibility of the janitorial crew you’ve partnered with. It is the job of every employee to make sure the area around their desk is kept clean and free of leftover food and other waste. Employees should also be reminded regularly to pick up after themselves in the break room while eating lunch or having snacks.

2. Use proper cleaning supplies: A lot of basic cleaning involves nothing more than common sense. Make sure that your employees are using the right stuff for the type of cleaning they are doing. This means if dusting, use a dust remover like Pledge for their desks. If cleaning up a coffee spill in the break room, use paper towel instead of bathroom tissue.

3. Become part of the solution, not part of the problem: Some people have a habit of creating messes and not cleaning them up. These are the folks we often refer to as part of the ‘problem’, rather than the solution. Make an office wide policy to eliminate these habits and ensure that everyone does their part to cleanup after themselves and dispose of any trash they create.

If you employ some office-wide common sense and partner with a well-qualified Eastern Shore office cleaning service, it is a guarantee that your office will be properly maintained,creating a healthy work environment for your peers and yourself.