Five Tips to Avoid the Flu

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Five Tips to Avoid the Flu

Influenza continues to be serious threat, according to the most recent data released by the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC).

The CDC’s weekly influenza surveillance report came out on Friday and showed that flu activity continued to climb for the second straight week.

Here’s some tips for avoiding the flu.

1. Try to stand at least six feet away from people when in conversation. The flu virus is spread by droplets created when someone with the illness coughs, sneezes, or talks.

2. Raise the temperature of the room or rooms when someone in an home or  office has the flu. According to the U.K.s National Health Services, the flu virus survives longer in cooler temperatures

3. The surfaces to avoid in a work area are “touch points,” such as counters and tables, chair tops, doorknobs, light switches, and kitchen appliance handles. The virus can live two days on these surfaces.

4. Surfaces to be less concerned about are human hands. The flu virus only lives a few minutes on human skin.

5. Always use credit cards. While the flu virus can live on credit cards for a few hours, on paper money, it can survive up to 72 hours and if mixed with human mucus, up to 17 days.

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