Green Cleaning Solutions available

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Green Cleaning Solutions available

Green Seal LogoServiceMaster Chesapeake offers Green Cleaning solutions, and is Green Seal 42 Certified!


ServiceMaster has been GS-42 Certified, meeting Green Seal’s Environmental Standard for Cleaning Services for reduced toxicity, waste, and exposure.

We have experience in meeting the requirements for LEED certification as we have worked closely with multiple customers in their quest to attain this coveted designation.

ServiceMaster Chesapeake is committed to incorporating sustainable business practices into how we operate. Our management group has attended a number of workshops and conferences to understand the concept and practices necessary to implement more sustainable and ecologically friendly practices into the workplace. We are committed to green cleaning in as many of our contracted facilities as possible.

As technology advances, we have come to understand that the chemicals of the past are no longer viable for the cleaning we do today and in the future. We have replaced roughly 95% of our chemicals with environmentally friendly solutions that are better for the environment and for the people who use them. By extension, they are also better for our clients and their workforce. We believe that no one operates in isolation – we all share this fragile planet and everything we do impacts the resources and people around us.

ServiceMaster Clean® can provide your office with many recycled products including restroom and kitchen paper towels and toilet paper. And many recycled products are priced competitively with non-recyclable materials, in some cases, even cheaper.

Call us for more information we will be happy to to give a free quote!


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