Booking a Janitorial Service This Spring? Here’s What to Look For.

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Booking a Janitorial Service This Spring? Here’s What to Look For.

It’s about that time of year: Businesses are starting to think about booking a regular janitorial service for spring and summer. If this is you, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to find the right fit for you and your company.

Here are some of the most important things to look for in a janitorial or cleaning service:

1. Flexibility & Frequency: Many cleaning companies in Chesapeake require you to stick to a strict cleaning schedule (i.e. bi-monthly or weekly). If this is what you’re looking for, be sure to ask them how often they can clean your facility and discuss what works best for you. However, if you’re looking for a service that is more flexible, find a service that is able to fit your scheduling needs.

2. Ask for References: The janitorial service you want to choose must have references readily available for you. Otherwise, how are you going to know if they are who they say they are?

3. Employee Training: A trustworthy janitorial company will have trained and certified employees who know how to clean commercial buildings. Their level of training will tell you what to expect from that particular service.

4. Free Estimates? You shouldn’t have to pay for a janitorial service to come to your facility and provide an estimate – if they require a fee, this could be a red flag.

5. Included Supplies & Cleaning Products: Ask about the company’s policy on whether they provide the cleaning products required to clean your facility. Some companies do not include this in their service – be sure you know what you’re getting into when it comes to supplies for your janitorial service.

6. Choose an Insured Cleaning Company: Stay away from a cleaning company that isn’t insured. All reputable janitorial services in the Chesapeake area have insurance – this will protect you and your facility from having to pay for any accidental damages.

If you’re looking to book a cleaning service soon, you can be rest assured that ServiceMaster Chesapeake is a transparent and reliable janitorial company. We’ll answer any questions you may have about our commercial cleaning services, and we always provide free estimates.

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