Janitorial Technology Used by ServiceMaster

Along the Eastern Shore, cleaning technological advances have paved the way for more efficient ways of keeping our area buildings clean. In addition, we now have more environmentally friendly ways to tackle the major cleaning jobs and help foster a more sustainable world around us. ServiceMaster Chesapeake is a top Eastern Shore commercial cleaner that is taking full advantage of these technologies to keep its office buildings cleaner.

One of the proprietary methods ServiceMaster Clean uses is its patented carpet cleaning process. After a preliminary inspection to determine the best way to clean it, they start by removing all the loose grit and soil. Then they move on to pre-treating it for spots and stains. After the pre-treatment is complete, they apply shampoo using special absorption discs for greater cleanliness.

After the shampoo is applied, it’s time for pre-spray to speed up the release of remaining soil. This is followed by an agitation of the heavily trafficked areas where soil buildup is most common. Now it’s time to rinse the carpeting with clean hot water, after which time they can identify and post-treat any remaining spots and dry it evenly and efficiently for the most uniform appearance possible.

This may sound like a complicated and involved process, and it is. But for commercial office buildings on the Eastern Shore, cleaning with advanced janitorial techniques can be a lifesaver. Using this advanced method means a cleaner work environment day in and day out. This, in turn, projects a better, more professional image of the company. Also let’s not forget, with better cleaning methods and green cleaning techniques, we are putting fewer toxins into our environment, creating a healthier workplace for your employees and any visitors.