Keeping Your Upholstery Looking Great

We’d all like our furniture to be immune to stains, spills and dirt. However, it’s only a matter of time before our furniture upholstery needs to be cleaned. For upholstery cleaning in Annapolis, the experts at ServiceMaster Chesapeake offer exceptional services in upholstery cleaning that will make old furniture look like new.

Not all upholstered fabrics are the same, and some can be very deceiving. At ServiceMaster Chesapeake, we have certified technicians who know where to look and how to test the material covering your furniture.  We will be able to inform you if your upholstery can be “wet” cleaned or “dry” cleaned and proceed accordingly.

In the cleaning process, vacuuming comes first in order to remove loose soil, pet hair, and all those little tidbits that happen to find their way into the crevices.  This is followed by pre-treating any stains and heavily soiled areas that are usually found on the arms and skirts.

If the fabric calls for a “dry” clean, we will apply a mild solvent that is VOC (volatile organic compound) free using absorption pads. All “wet” cleanable fabrics will be pre-sprayed and rinse-extracted with hot water. In both situations, all excess solvents or moisture will be removed using absorption pads followed by grooming the fabric for drying and a uniform appearance. Last of all, a final inspection will occur to make sure we’ve met all your needs.

Call to schedule a free cleaning estimate.  We will be happy to meet or talk with you to discuss the best method to clean your particular situation or to answer any questions you may have.