Greenify Your Office by Cleaning Green

Green cleaning is safer for the environment and for any office that is cleaned. Cleaning without harsh chemicals makes an office safer. But changing from traditional chemical cleaning methods to green cleaning can be a chore.

We’re creatures of habit and the bad ones are the hardest to break of all. But what if I told you there were some simple methods to clean your office in a healthier and more environmentally friendly way. In fact, recent studies suggest that a majority of cleaning products contain chemicals with the potential to cause negative long-term effects on your health. Consider these natural and green solutions the next time you pick up the sponge and rubber gloves.

There has been an enormous effort toward green marketing in the last decade, and as a result we now have access to more eco-friendly cleaning products than ever. Seventh GenerationMrs. Myers, and Simple Green are just a few. If you prefer to go an even cheaper route, there are many online resources that can teach you how to make your own cleaning products with simple natural-ingredients and household items.

A big way you can help your environment after you make the switch to green cleaning products is by properly disposing of all your old products. The harmful chemicals from their containers can also be harmful if they end up in landfills or their contents seep into the water supply. Check your local recycling programs to see how and when your center picks up these materials.

The air we breathe in the office is a big part of long-term health. It’s not uncommon for indoor air to be more toxic than outside air due to better building insulation, so it’s important to crack a window or door whenever possible, but especially while cleaning. Fresh air needs a chance to circulate regularly throughout an office.

Green cleaning will give you a cleaner, safer, and happier office. Count on your Annapolis green cleaning experts at ServiceMaster Chesapeake to offer top notch professional green cleaning services when you need us!