We Care About The Air Quality In Your Office – Eastern Shore, MD

Photo by Michiel

Photo by Michiel

Improve the indoor air quality of your office with our professional office cleaning services from ServiceMaster Chesapeake. If your office is located in the Eastern Shore area and you find yourself with itchy eyes, sneezing or a stuffy nose, read what the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America recommends to reduce your allergy symptoms.

Control dust: Keep surfaces clean and clear of clutter. If your facility has carpet, professional cleaning removes dirt, allergens, dust, and other particles deep within your carpet’s fibers.

Vacuum at least once or twice weekly: While vacuuming removes dirt, allergens and dust, keep in mind that your cleaning contractor should use high-filtration vacuums to avoid releasing more particles in the air.  Speak with your cleaning contractor if you need to change your vacuuming schedule.

Prevent entry of pollen by keeping windows and doors closed: Air conditioning in warm weather is best, and it also helps control dust mites by reducing humidity. Change filters often in window units.

We can transform your building into a clean and healthy environment for your employees and tenants. Call ServiceMaster of Chesapeake today and ask about our office cleaning services in Eastern Shore.  We offer commercial carpet cleaning, commercial floor cleaning and routine office cleaning services to the greater Eastern Shore area.


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